Vote Your Values

A Proven Infrastructure Provider

We've been with EOS.IO since the very beginning. As foundational members of the Jungle Testnet, we've worked to test the EOS.IO software so that it's ready for the ecosystem. Our bare metal servers operating in several countries, ensuring that we have multiple layers of redundancy in the event of hardware failures. These servers are maintained by several experienced professionals with the advice of industry professionals in Silicon Valley to ensure that we are properly utilizing industry-leading technologies.

Strong Community Engagement

We believe that community involvement is incredibly important for the advancement of EOS.IO. Here are some of the things that we do.

  • Active Telegramand Twitter Community.
  • EOS Alliance involvement
  • Regular Meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Injecting fun via community competitions #eosmemecontest
  • Conferences
    • Tulip Conference
    • Scaling Blockchain
    • EOS Ignite

Recommended by Peers and Industry Professionals

See the proxies that support EOS BlockSmith.

  • Investing with a Difference
  • Metero Proxy
  • Otto
  • EOS BP Ratings
  • EOS Watchdogs
  • MentorMarket
  • Good Guys Proxy
  • Weifeng Jiang Proxy
  • EOS Nation Education
  • Aneta Proxy
  • Vote with Detroit
  • Foxproxyvote
  • BareMetal BP proxy
  • Israel EOS Proxy
  • Eosproxy4you
  • EOS Amsterdam Vote Proxy
  • EOS East Mids UK Proxy
  • Maple Leaf Capital