Blocksmith is a proven infrastructure provider

  • Foundational members of Jungle Testnet
  • Bare metal infrastructure operated by experienced professionals
  • We engage industry professionals in Silicon Valley to ensure we always have and secure industry-leading technology

High Quality and Trusted Educational Content

We have created a range of EOS related educational videos in English and Chinese
We set ourselves apart in being able to break down complex subjects into simple and engaging content

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Strong Community Engagement

  • Active Telegram and Twitter Community
  • Tulip Conference
  • Scaling Blockchain Conference
  • EOS Ignite regular appearances
  • SF EOS community
  • EOS Alliance involvement
  • Regular Meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Injecting fun through community competitions #eosmemecontest

Tools for EOS

  • RAM Whale Tracker
  • EOS Workshop – Prices, Video, News, BP standings, Events Calendar
  • Many tools in development

Recommended by peers and industry professionals

Voting Proxies Supporting EOS Blocksmith:

  • Investing with a Difference
  • Mereo Proxy
  • Otto
  • EOS BP Ratings
  • EOS Watchdogs
  • MentorMarket
  • Good Guys Proxy
  • Weifeng Jiang Proxy
  • EOS Nation Education
  • Aneta Proxy
  • Vote with Detroit
  • Foxproxyvote
  • BareMetal BP proxy
  • Israel EOS Proxy
  • Eosproxy4you
  • EOS Amsterdam Vote Proxy
  • EOS East Mids UK Proxy
  • Maple Leaf Capital

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